About Us

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:3: Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

GEN1 THREE SOLAR ENERGY is a company specializing in engineered and tailored design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar PV energy systems. Its goal is to provide superiorly designed green technology with meticulous installation using good quality materials in the most cost-effective manner for the Filipino consumer.

The founder is an engineer who started as an entrepreneur handling the family business. He then explored various engineering fields in Japan and Middle East as a production engineer, material controller, qa/qc engineer and site engineer. When he returned to Manila, he worked as a senior project engineer engaged in cold storage plant projects and renewable energy systems. He was involved in the project management of the first industrial solar power plant in the Philippines after which he specialized in solar power plant design, financial modeling, energy audit, installation and maintenance. During this time, he realized the great potential and benefits of renewable energy not just as an environmental friendly alternative but also as a means of providing good financial savings for the consumers.

Thus in 2015, GEN1 THREE SOLAR ENERGY was born.




Gen1 Three Solar Energy is committed to providing high quality, engineered and cost-effective solar power plant systems. We aim to serve the country by providing renewable energy as a reliable and efficient source of energy while reducing our environment’s carbon footprint. Our goal is to be at the forefront of green technology as the provider of dependable and innovative solar power plant systems in the Philippine market.

Core Values

The heart of Gen1 Three Solar Energy lies in our commitment to the following:

Honesty - We provide our customers/clients with quality products and services as well as accurate financial projections for their investments.

Dependability - We value our credibility to our customers hence we make it our top priority to deliver efficient engineered solar power plant systems. Our team’s reliable workmanship and readiness to perform is guaranteed.

Devotion - We are completely committed in delivering the solar power plant needs of our customers and in helping them maximize the use of their investment.

Stewardship - We recognize the trust given to us by our clients which is why each system is meticulously designed, planned and constructed. Our maintenance team ensures the long term integrity of each solar power plant system.

Hard Work - We believe that hard work brings success and prosperity which is why our team diligently and earnestly accomplishes each project.

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